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A Year in Review || Bye Bye to 2016

Hello 2017.

2016 You were ah-mazing. Thank you!

A little tiny blog post of some of my favoritess from this year and it doesn’t even come close to all of my favorites, but at least its a start!!

So here’s a few little recaps from 2016 that still melt my heart.

Thank you all for you love, kindness and support for KJean Photography. You have helped me double my company since last year, create a full service boudoir studio, and allowed me to capture life from here alll the way to Mexico. You have no idea how much of a blessing you have all been to my life. Your support, love and business has given me so so so much happiness and freedom! I absolutely love my job (yes even when I am 14 hours into a day editing) I LOVE IT. I love getting to capture your lives, support your businesses, tell your stories and share love alllll around! So thank you for such an amazing 2016 🙂


I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings!!

So much love from me to you!


Your Colorado Wedding + Boudoir Photographer.

KJean Photography + The Fort Collins Boudoir Studio

Kyla Jean




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