Meet Ky

Hey, I’m Ky!

Northern Colorado Wedding + Couples Photographer | Le Bootae Boudoir | THE ONE BEHIND THE CAMERA

I believe in capturing raw moments that are a genuine reflection of your life, your story, your relationships, and where you want to be.

I am a domestic abuse survivor and have been a single mom for the last few years.

I am finding my happy again and document my life the same way I want to document yours, in a beautiful way that honors your story.

Life is as beautiful as you choose to make it.

I live on a little bit of land in Cheyenne, WY but grew up and work in Northern Colorado primarily. I have a tiny human, who is fully raised wild- we hike, adventure, travel, garden, have animals and live life a little off the beaten path. I believe in experiences over things and that kids should grow up playing and getting a little messy. We have 2 dogs, a bunch of kitties, and 2 chickens.